Get Your Car Summer Ready – Dennis Eidson

ROSWELL, Ga. – Summer time, means summer travel and more families are hitting the road for vacation. No matter where you’re headed, nothing will put a damper on a summer vacation faster than car trouble, but a quick service somewhere you trust — should keep you on the move.

As the temperatures climb into the 90’s, Dennis Eidson says business is also kicking into high gear at Honest-1 Auto Care, in Roswell. “Summer is always the busiest season in auto repair. People are going on summer road trips, hot weather causes issues with cars so absolutely, this is the busy season for our business,” reiterates Dennis.

A quick travel ready check-up however, can help you catch problems before they cause headaches behind the wheel. “Every day we’ve got a car, ‘We’re going on vacation, we’re going cross atlanta-blogcountry, we’re going somewhere…can you just check out the car for us and let us know what you see,'” recalls Dennis.

Dennis says make sure your shop is turning that routine service, into a top to bottom inspection. “When someone comes in for an oil change, we’re going to inspect 25 or 30 things on that car,” he says. Have them test your battery before your road trip. During extreme weather, it can be pushed to the limit. “A lot of times we’ll say hot weather will kill a battery, cold weather will reveal that it’s dead,” Dennis adds.

Your tires will also change when the temperature starts to rise and fall. “The best way to have tires last a long time is make sure that they’re always properly inflated, make sure that they’re frequently rotated. That’s the way to make them last a real long time,” advises Dennis.

Checking on your engine’s cooling system will also help keep you on the road. Dennis warns, “When you overheat a car, you could destroy the engine of the car and so a $100 cooling system service becomes a $2,000 or $3,000 engine replacement.” Dennis reiterates that regular maintenance will help keep your vehicle in tip-top shape
for that family vacation. Dennis also warns that a lot of do it yourself products, like adding your own Freon for your air conditioner, can end up costing you more money in the long run because the pre-made cans don’t measure the precise amount your car needs.

For more information, reach out to Dennis at Honest-1 Roswell.