Concepts & Costs

At Honest-1, we are seeking qualified franchise owners with specific qualifications, including:

  1. Executive minded — great business acumen in financial management, team building and able to execute a proven marketing strategy
  2. Ability and willingness to follow established systems and processes
  3. Commitment to honesty, integrity and providing trustworthy service

The Honest-1 support team is ready to work with you as you begin your journey to open your first unit/store.

Single Unit
Initial Franchise Fee $45,000
Lease Hold Improvement

$10 – $340,000

Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment

$35,000 – $180,000

Working Capital

$175,150 – $347,650


$223,150 – $867,650

In order to qualify, you must have a minimum net worth of $700,000 with at least $200,000 in liquid assets, and have a good credit rating.