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auto repair Allen TX

auto repair Allen TX Kwik Kar Automotive provides affordable auto repair services throughout Allen, TX and beyond. Locals who care about their vehicles bring them into the technicians at Kwik Kar for a level of commitment to customer satisfaction that is not often seen today.

Are you searching for an auto shop that can provide differential service to your vehicle? This is a service that is getting more and more difficult to find- and one that must be reliably performed. Kwik Kar Auto performs professional differential service that helps to protect your vehicle against bearing and gear failure. Ensuring proper lubrication can prevent abnormal wear on gears as well as preventing overheating of gears.

Are you experiencing problems with your braking system? There are several tell-tale signs that indicate your brakes are in need of an inspection, which can include noises coming from your braking system, steering that is pulling to the left or the right, pulsing or vibrating when slowing down or stopping, or your vehicle is taking longer distances than usual to come to a stop.

It’s essential that you have your brakes inspected on a routine basis to give your technician ample time to recommend service to your brakes. Techs from Kwik Kar Auto are trained to service today’s complex brake systems and can inspect your vehicle to ensure its brakes are functioning properly. Kwik Kar provides affordable brake pad replacement, rotor maintenance, wheel cylinder replacement and other similar services.

Bring your vehicle into Kwik Kar for tire rotation that can protect your investment against uneven wear. Rotating your vehicle’s tires can significantly extend the life of your tires. Kwik Kar’s rotation service includes: checking tire pressure, inspecting tires for visible damage, rotation of tires, installing lug nuts and bolts to proper torque specs, brake pad & rotor check, and recommending an alignment when necessary.

Kwik Kar Auto maintains a stock of both new and used tires for their customers with tires that are priced to meet a variety of budgets. 

Is your check engine light driving you crazy? If you’ve noticed your check engine light has come on but have decided to ignore it in hopes that it will eventually turn off, Kwik Kar can help. Today’s vehicles are equipped with electronic engine control systems that can receive information from sensors and switches throughout your vehicle. Your check engine light indicates that something has malfunctioned when it lights up.

If your vehicle is experiencing an issue with its ignition system, fuel system or emission control system, you’ll be notified promptly using the check engine light. Kwik Kar Auto can quickly diagnose the problem your vehicle is having and perform repair services on any make or model of vehicle.

Bring your vehicle into Kwik Kar or make an appointment by calling the W Parker Rd location at 972-867-9111, the Custer Rd location at 214-547-0185 or the Independence Parkway location at 972-491-3550.
auto repair Allen TX
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auto repair Allen TX
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