Axle Repair Shop In Greensboro Nc

Axle Repair Shop In Greensboro Nc

Axles are an essential structural and safety feature in cars. Just like brakes or the engine, axles affect your car’s operation. They’re responsible for power transmission from the engine to the wheels, which enables the vehicle to move when steered. As such, they’re useful for functions such as steering and braking. Axles also bear the weight of the car, cargo, and passengers. Hence, they need to be in their best condition for your vehicle to perform optimally. Aycock Frame & Body Shop is an axle repair shop in Greensboro, NC, that offers accurate collision repair services. We fix or replace broken axles to restore full functionality and safety of your vehicle.

Why is it Important to Get Your Vehicle’s Axle Repaired?

If your axle gets damaged, you need to have it repaired because:

  • Damaged axles produce vibrations that can be felt throughout the car. This compromises the comfort of everyone in the vehicle. Noises may also be produced, which can be distracting and annoying. Getting your axle repaired ensures continued comfort.
  • A bent or loose axle is a safety risk. If it breaks when you’re driving, you’ll lose control of your car, which could cause an accident. You should, therefore, ensure that a bent or loose axle is repaired.
  • Damaged axles affect your driving and steering. The car may take longer to respond to your control, which will cost you time and overwork the rest of the components, accelerating the aging of your vehicle.

What are the Signs that Your Car Axle is Damaged?

Some of the signs that you have a damaged axle are:

  • The vehicle produces a clanking noise when you put it into gear. You can also hear sputtering sounds when making turns or during acceleration. This happens when there’s an issue with the axle’s joints.
  • If your car takes longer to move even after starting it, it might be an indication that the power transmission, which involves the axle, is faulty.
  • The ultimate indication of a broken axle is when your vehicle refuses to move despite it sounding like it’s running fine and even going into gear.

Causes of Axle Failure

Damage to your car axle can occur as a result of:

  • Overloading – Since the axle bears the weight of the vehicle and its load, overloading puts excess stress on it. This weakens your axle over time and makes it easy to bend and eventually break.
  • Wear and Tear – With time, the metal components of the axle wear out, making it brittle. You should get a mechanic to check your axles routinely to find out whether they need replacement.

Car axles are built to last long and withstand harsh road conditions and the vehicle’s weight. It may take about five years before your axles wear out. At Aycock Frame & Body Shop, our technicians can tell you when your axles need to be repaired or replaced.

Get Trustworthy Axle Repair Services

If you’re having difficulties stopping your vehicle or your car isn’t turning as smoothly as it usually does, you might require axle repair. Contact us on (336)272-1313 or bring your vehicle to our axle repair shop in Greensboro, NC today so that our expert technicians can inspect and fix your car’s axles.

Axle Repair Shop In Greensboro Nc
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Axle Repair Shop In Greensboro Nc
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